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Morsø Terra Outdoor Table

Morsø Terra Outdoor Table

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Morsø Terra outdoor table for the outdoor kitchen and Forno Pizza Oven.

With the two tables from Morsø Garden and Terra you have the elements of a flexible outdoor kitchen.

The Terra outdoor table is a square table (W60 x D60 x H80 cm), which readily fits into both an existing outdoor kitchen and on large or small terraces and balconies.

The table is the perfect base for the Morsø Forno, has good space for kindling, and at the same time the elegant and stylish table is suitable for a supplementary serving and preparation table.

The small robust wheels make it easy to move the table with a gentle pull on the side-mounted stainless steel grabs. The grabs double as discreet and practical hangers to various grilling utensils. The cabinet is made of powder coated, galvanised steel sheet, whose slightly coarse texture matches the well-known cast iron surface.

Material: Powder-coated steel, stainless steel handle
Colour: Black
Dimensions: D60 × H80 × W60 cm
Weight: 40 kg

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