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Earthstone The Cafe Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Earthstone The Cafe Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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A pizza oven designed for smaller spaces, our Earthstone Cafe Outdoor Pizza Oven boasts 6 ½ square feet of cooking space within a compact 48 ¼" W x 72 ¼" H x 44 ¼" D surround (including the 46 ½" H stand.) Bake three to four 8 to 10" pies, two 12" to 14" pies, or one 16" pie under the dome crafted from 80% alumina and other advanced materials. This outdoor pizza oven is available in two fuel options—Wood Fired or Gas and Wood Fired—simply make your choice when ordering your pizza ovens. The Gas and Wood Fired model comes standard with a 90,000 BTU burner (recessed 20 inches into the oven floor) and a digital temperature gauge; the Wood Fired version has a dial thermometer. The temperature probe of these outdoor pizza ovens are set 3 ½ inches into a dome or top of oven for accurate readings—maximum heat capacity is 2,000˚ F. Durable, versatile, and American-made, this structure’s dome is constructed from 80% alumina and other advanced elements. The stand and enclosure are heavy-gauge welded tube steel with angle iron members, and the hood cover and apron are crafted from sleek stainless steel. Adorned with a cast aluminum door with Teflon handles, the entire structure weighs 2,500 lbs. Install outdoors or indoors; indoor installation requires a grease duct chimney system. A simple seasoning process should be followed before baking for the first time—the Wood Fired versions should burn a small fire for one hour for two days while the gas pizza oven burner (started with an electronic pilot ignition) should be fired for at least five hours at low flame for two days. If your menu expands beyond the capacity of this compact wood pizza oven, try our larger Earthstone Pre Assembled Model 130—whatever size you choose, you’ll love the Old World flavors created in an EarthStone Wood-Fire Ovens pizza oven.

Ovens come standard with:

  • Factory finished stainless steel top with black bottom
  • Mechanical Temperature Gauge (0-1,000F Range)
  • Cast Aluminum door with Teflon handles
  • Black granite shelf
  • S/S Hood cover
  • S/S Shelf apron
  • S/S Flue adapter
  • Stainless pizza peel
  • Black perforated grill (Optional three tier shelf available)
  • 5 year limited warranty

Please note that this pizza oven is not outdoor ready without covering with a waterproof material.

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