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Earthstone Model 60 Modular Wood Fired Oven Kit

Earthstone Model 60 Modular Wood Fired Oven Kit

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Earthstone Model 60 Modular Wood Fire Oven Kit

A pizza oven capable of baking two 8" to 10" pizzas, or one 12' to 14" pizza, the Earthstone Model 60 Modular Wood Fire Pizza Oven is proudly crafted in the U.S.A. and is functional in both residential and commercial spaces. Complete your outdoor kitchens with this 36" W x 32" D x 24" H (1,000 pound) model, and enjoy a 23" x 26" cooking area. The advanced refractory elements of our pizza oven as well as the 4.5" thick floor and 3" thick pizza oven wall provide unparalleled high thermal resistance – grill eight medium steaks fast on the wood burning pizza ovens 17" x 20" grilling rack. Or, the 12" X 12" industrial bakers hearth tiles offer a generous area for other foods like authentic Italian pies. Earthstone Ovens exceptional wood pizza oven comes complete with a cast aluminum door (with Teflon handles), steel entrance plate (in black) and dial temperature gauge (0-1,000˚F range); the pizza oven itself is comprised of a primary hood, two rear section pieces, two middle section pieces and two front entrance pieces.

With a 22-pound bag of refractory cement, galvanized metal flashing, high heat silicone tubing, plywood spacers, 4" W x 16" H screened vent, refractory cement container, and installation instructions with video/DVD, the structure can be assembled quickly and easily. Please note that the manufacturer offers a five-year limited warranty.

Durability, excellent heat retention and longevity all describe this outdoor pizza oven, enabling you to prepare gourmet meals from your patio space for seasons to come. Founded by Maurice Sabbagh Yotnegparian, his models are versatile, and any design can be installed inside or under a patio – with a grease duct chimney system for proper ventilation. Our wood burning oven also includes a package of fire starters and a stainless steel pizza peel, providing you with pizza oven essentials to get you started cooking in no time. Thanks to the large 19.5" W x 9.5" H door opening, you will have maximum visibility and plenty of room to insert and remove food safely. Another safety feature of our modular pizza oven is the hood, which removes smoke cleanly and efficiently. Enjoy versatility with this model too, and treat guests to home baked breads, cookies and more. Before use, be sure to cure your pizza oven by burning one small fire for one hour for a period of six days. Outdoorpizzaovens carries all of the elements to turn your backyard into a go-to place for recreation and entertaining activities. Add patio furniture, beverage carts and bars to complement your new Earthstone Ovens pizza oven.

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