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Earthstone Model 110 Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Earthstone Model 110 Gas Fired Pizza Oven

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Earthstone Free Standing Model 110

pizza oven provides chefs with more cooking and baking options, and the Earthstone Pre Assembled Model 110 Pizza Oven is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Featuring a 43" in diameter cooking space, this model is available as a Wood Fired or Gas and Wood Fired design. The pizza oven has exterior dimensions of 58" in diameter with an 80" height, and our outdoor pizza oven can also be installed indoors or under a patio as long as you add on a grease duct chimney system; wood and gas pizza ovens will require a fan. Bake six or seven 8" pizzas at a time, and enjoy peace of mind with the manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty. The refractory materials made up of 80% alumina – 4" to 6" thick – ensure the durability of these pizza ovens, which are also constructed with industrial style hearth pizza oven floor tiles that have been pressed at 8,500 p.s.i. and kiln fired at 2,800˚F. 

Because the design is cast and assembled individually, the chances of stress cracks forming are reduced. The wood-fueled design comes standard with the following: dial temperature gauge, oven door and mantle, stainless steel flue adapter, stainless steel pizza peel, and operation and maintenance instructions. The wood- and gas-fueled model includes the same accessories with the addition of a gas burner system and ceramic fire log set. Please note that instead of a dial temperature gauge, the gas/wood design has a digital temperature gauge.

The factory finished gray paint, cast aluminum door with Teflon handles, granite shelf, hood cover (stainless steel or copper) and shelf apron (stainless steel or copper) make our pizza oven stand out. Between the generously sized 20.5" W x 10.5" H door opening and efficient hood, which removes smoke and odors, the manufacturer has created a safe model. Prior to cooking on this 3,500-pound wood burning oven, you’ll need to follow Earthstone Ovens pizza oven curing process, which consists of burning one small fire for one hour for two days in your wood pizza oven. Browse American-made cookers from this manufacturer at Outdora, and find the right size for your patio and pool space. Our Earthstone Pre Assembled Model 90 has a 35" in diameter cooking surface, but if you want more internal space, choose the Earthstone Pre Assembled Model 110 Pizza Oven.

Please note that this pizza oven is not outdoor ready without covering with a waterproof material.

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