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Wildwood Ovens

Double Door Pizza Oven

Double Door Pizza Oven

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Wildwoods Double door pizza oven is a very practical pizza oven. Now you do not have to decide if you want an outdoor oven or an indoor oven, Our Roma double door pizza oven solves this problem. Great for indoor cooking when the weather is cold. When the weather is warm cook outdoors. This unique design allows the vent to be placed either indoors or outdoors. Placing the oven chimney vent outdoors eliminates the need for penetration the interior ceiling and roof, this creates a cleaner look as there is no exposed chimney pipe to see.

This double door pizza oven features one insulated oven door which is very effective at retaining the heat and keeping cold air out.

Wildwood Double Door Pizza Oven Is Like Having Two Ovens in One!
Through Wall Design.
Reversible venting options Front- Rear- Center
Cook From Indoors or Out
Internal Hearth Measurement 22″W x60″
External Measurement 30 x 65″

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